Best RDP Options

Your own experience surely proves that we live in a social world. Everyday, you exchange in real time with people around the world. Since social media is important, a large majority of marketing experts have predicted the end of email.

Does this announce the end of email marketing?

Email marketing is still relevant. For example, the company has generated more than 20 million revenues with email marketing alone.

Regardless of the rumors, the email is not yet obsolete and if you know how to exploit it, it will allow you to increase your audience exponentially.

We will see the fundamentals of e-mail marketing, as well as the strategies, the statistical indicators, the jargon to know and who are your team members who can be qualified to do the email marketing. With RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) from this is a very important bit.

First, let’s look at the place that email holds in a growing business.

The role of email marketing

Email marketing is a multifunctional tool. It can be used for branding, engagement, acquisition, retention, sales, activation, referral or traffic purposes.

It is essential to understand why we use email marketing. Interestingly, it is neither for profit nor for growth directly.

  • Of course, the ultimate goal of email marketing is both profit and growth, but the specific purpose of each email is to move the consumer from one stage to another in their journey.
  • Let’s talk about the “customer journey”.
  • Take it as a route your customers will take when they learn more about you. On the lower left corner, they will start to notice you, but when they reach the upper right corner, they know you and tell you about them that you have improved their lives. Email marketing seeks to move customers from one box to another.

Follow the best email marketing strategies

This circuit, from awareness of your existence, through conversion and up to the reference, is the desired course of the customer. As the customer progresses in this circuit, its value also increases, bringing profits and stability to your business.

Email allows you to help your customer through this journey, if you understand the methods that work.

Well-done email marketing methods

Email marketing is not just about sending an email to your entire database every time you post a new article online or start a new promotion.

Controlling email marketing requires an understanding of the different categories of emails you will use, their planning and the different strategies you will use to get in touch with your subscribers.

The types of emails you will use in email marketing

  • There are three main types of emails that you can use as an email marketing specialist.
  • Each type of email provides a different interaction with your subscribers.

Transactional emails

These are emails that are sent automatically, confirming the actions taken by your potential customers and current customers.

The majority of transactional emails are models offered by the marketing systems we use. Note that the average revenue generated by a transactional email is 2 to 5 times higher than that of standard emails.